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Make Your Quarantine Fun With These 3 Top Fun Apps

Make Your Quarantine Fun With These 3 Top Fun Apps


At the beginning of March, everything was fun. But now after five months gone everything has become monotonous and boring. We have tried our hands on almost all the activities and there is nothing more to do to make the fun time actual fun. So, to kill the boredom you can install these 3 top fun apps in your android or apple smartphones and that too for free. These apps or crytocurrency web design will not only bring a cheerful smile on your face but also will make you fall in love with them

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9GAG: Go Fun The World

9GAG: As its name includes gag in it. It surely verifies its name providing you with a daily dose of gags and fun. This app has the best collection of memes, gifs, viral videos, vines, rage comics, and many more. This app works as a search engine for all the fun graphics and lets them download and save in your gallery for free. This app has an option where you can discuss stuff of your interest. You can upload or download anything you like condition being it should be funny.

Get Ant Smasher - Best Cool Fun & Free Games - Microsoft Store

Ant Smasher: If you are looking for something that only is fun but satisfying too, this is your app. The ant smasher app is a great fun app for toddlers. It lets you kill virtual ants with your fingers which will make your kids burst into laughter. This app lowers anxiety on some levels and gives some satisfaction too. You can also use sound effects to upgrade the interest. It also provides you with tools to kill well which makes it easier to play. Along with all these features, you can share your high scores with family and friends on various social media platforms.

Pictoword Answers All Levels

Pictoword: An amazing app that will work offline also is available for both Android and iOS users. This app can be used both as a game or as brain activity. It is good for kids to increase their imagination and development of mind. It is not only entertaining but engaging too. In this game a series of pictures are present and we have to guess the word by combining the pictures. This app is also something like brain game apps which boost your guessing and imagination by providing such activities. To make sure that the game is not monotonous there are different difficulty levels that you can choose according to your preference.

The creators of such apps keep in mind the interests of people, they know exactly what the people will like. As it is very well known that a seller knows its shoppers. There are plenty of apps in the market that will let you make customized memes or do experiments with your pictures while editing. When you choose your 3 top fun apps, you should make sure that with some entertainment it provides some brainstorming too. As such these apps have no demerit except one that they can be so addictive that you may start wasting all your time on these but anything in limit is never bad.


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